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About Bagnoregio, Italy
Bagnoregio is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Viterbo in the Italian region Latium, located about 90 km northwest of Rome and about 28 km north of Viterbo. Anciently it was called Novempagi and Balneum Regium, whence the medieval name of Bagnorea. During the barbarian invasions of Italy, between the sixth and ninth centuries, the city was taken several times by the Ostrogoths and the Lombards.
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Bagnoregio, Ban'oredzhio, banyorejo, Баньореджио, バニョレージョ
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BagnoregioCivita sui calanchiDSC01929DSC01928DSC01927DSC01926DSC01925DSC01924DSC01923DSC01922DSC01920DSC01921DSC01919DSC01917DSC01918DSC01915DSC01916DSC01914DSC01913Bagnoregio / Баньореджо Follow @HotelSnaps for more hotel photos.
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